Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Hey, y'all!

So, it's officially been a freakin' looong time since I've blogged. I don't even remember the last time I sat down to type out a blog.

So, what's happened?

I completed my thesis proposal, finished my semester with a 4.0, and survived 16 weeks of traveling to Stillwater four times a week.

Yes, yes, I know...cry me a river. I'm fully aware that I'm a big baby. But, it was tough for me! And tough, I'm sure, for my amazing husband who dealt with the many tears and stress-fueled rants and stacks of research strewn throughout the apartment, not to mention way too many sandwiches and pizza. God bless him.

It was so tough, in fact, that I met Chase's family in Oklahoma City for a girls weekend two days after my last final and, I had a meltdown in the food court. A complete, ugly face crying meltdown. You know if I cannot enjoy being in a mall during Christmas-time, there is something wrong. I'm not sure what happened — one minute I was fine, the next I was crying because I was still oh-so-stressed. Everyone was so sweet though, and told me their own stories of stressful meltdowns. It made me feel not so completely crazy!

I'm happy to report that everything is finally done and I have been able to chill with my husband during his week of vacation. I have even been able to watch some trashy reality television. It's been glorious.

Anyways, just checking in! It's good to feel like myself again :)

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  1. HAHA!! I love you! I wish I could have been there for your meltdown! We would have ran to the nearest Ben&Jerry's and done some major retail therapy together! haha Miss you, best!!!