Thursday, October 25, 2012


Hey ya'll! This is my official first post on this blog and I'm super excited to get started! I guess this should be an intro of the blog, what I will write about, etc.

Well, I am a 25-year-old graduate student in the great state of Oklahoma. I am studying media management and plan on getting my doctorate so I can teach college level courses (really, I just want people to refer to me as "doctor"). I am almost done with my first semester of graduate school, which means I will be a quarter of the way done...YAY!

I received my bachelor's in communications with an emphasis in journalism and a minor in communications from Southeastern Oklahoma State University. I loved attending a small college, but I am also loving attending a big college for my master's.

I have been dating the most amazing guy for almost 2-and-a-half years now and love him to death.
(Isn't he hot?)

Back to the blog! Basically, it's a very selfish blog — I will be writing about anything that interests me, namely healthy living and beauty, with a little bit of news and politics and that kind of crap thrown in there. I hope that explains the "smart. sexy. healthy." In no way do I believe I am any of those things, I just try to be! 

I will feature recipes, beauty products, current events and whatever else the heck I want to!

The posts will get better, I promise. :) Stay tuned!

I guess that's enough to start with...